I'm a Creative Director and Coach. With everything I create I want people to feel something. A good idea needs to be felt and ideally it inspires people to think differently, to change something, to move something. 

I spent 3 years in the Netherlands studying Media & Entertainment Management before I went off to the United States for 1 year to focus on advertising. I then enjoyed 3 years in beautiful Munich working for JOY magazine. My curious, creative nature made me move to London for another 2,5 years getting my Master of Arts at London College of Fashion/ University of the Arts.

To me, business is always personal. I truly believe that we can only thrive in our work, if we work for something that is aligned with our values. I believe that the great poet Khalil Gibran was right when he said that work is love made visible. 
Because I love seeing people unfolding their creative nature and their true self, I am also working as a life coach.

My mission is to help brands and individuals to create their signature, to create something that matters to them, something that lasts, something that has an impact on themselves and the people around them and therefore makes the world a little bit more beautiful. 

Contact me if you are looking for:

  • Creative Direction 

  • Brand Consulting 

  • Content Creation 

  • Life Coaching


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