Hi, I'm Helen - Creative Director, Consultant & Coach based in Berlin.

After several years of international business experience in the US, the Netherlands and the UK, I joined Refinery29 in Berlin as their Creative Commercial Lead for the past 3 years. During that time I have also become a Systemic Coach, specialized in helping women to resolve patterns that prevent them from moving forward in their personal and professional lives. 

I have combined my expertise in creating content for women with my coaching background, using my global network of outstanding creatives, to design compelling content that is right for your brand and your target audience.

Let's work together if you are also passionate about making a sustainable change, one that is healthy for all of humanity and nature.

  • CREATIVE CONCEPT - on brand creative concepts that are innovative, visionary and that truly speak to the women you want to make a difference for. 
  • CREATIVE DIRECTION- strong aesthetics and emotionally engaging storytelling & direction on set.
  • CONSULTING/ SOULFUL BRANDING: (re)-defining your brand's vision and mission and how this reflects in your visual communication and campaigns. #beauthentic

  • SYSTEMIC COACHING - for females who want to be intuitively successful. I help women access and express their true feminine potential which is very difficult for most women in a world dominated by masculine values (competition, power, status).  We, women, are constantly tempted not to show too much of our feminine energy (intuition, sensing what's needed without having "the numbers" for it, devotion/letting go of control) in order to be accepted as a leader in a patriarchal, dysfunctional system. By using your creative energy and intuition we clear old blockages and thought patterns that hold you back from expressing all of who you are. You will define a new vision of what true success looks like to you. You cannot change the system, but by changing how you act and react in this system, you change how it responds to you. You will be amazed to see how powerful this is, how powerful you are.


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