Helen is the Creative Lead at Refinery29 directing the commercial campaigns for all their fashion, beauty and lifestyle clients. As a life coach she's helping women to create a life that feels good to them, personally and professionally. She accompanies her clients to strengthen their natural talents and to dissolve patterns that prevent them from moving forward. In her podcast ‚Sincerely Yours‘ she shares coaching tools that inspire to take action towards positive change.

Helen graduated with a Master of Arts from London College of Fashion/ University of the Arts. Prior to that she pursued her BA in Business Administration/ Media- & Entertainment Management with a focus on advertising at Stenden University and Michigan State University.

Her mission is to help brands and individuals to create their signature, to create something that matters to them, something that is sustainable in every way and that has an impact on themselves and the people around them and therefore makes the world a little bit more beautiful. 

Contact Helen if you are looking for:

  • Creative Direction, Art Direction 

  • Brand Consulting & Brand Design 

  • Coaching


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